Swain's Sweet Miniature Schnauzers
Frequently Asked Questions

 What type of food do you use? 
We feed Nutri Source Small and Medium Breed Puppy food. You can buy it at many pet stores and most Menards, as well as online. Click the bag to find it near you.


How much do I feed my puppy? 
We leave the food down all the time for our puppies. In our house they have 24 hour access to outside via doggy door. 
Nutrisource gives these recommendations under Feeding at this link 

Mini Schnauzers only tend to overeat if they are not given enough exercise or get bored. Food restrictions may need to be made as they age. 
What treats should I give my new puppy? 
We recommend not feeding any other treats except their kibble for the first few months. If you want to give your puppy a treat, pick up their food and when you feed it to them, they view that as a treat. 
How does the buying process work? 
Once you pick out a puppy, we ask a $300 deposit that goes toward the final purchase price. You can either pay that with Venmo, or send a check. 
After we receive the deposit a contract will be sent to your email, just fill out the contract and submit. 
Each week on Friday or Sat we update pictures of each of the puppies we currently have. If you wish to come visit, please contact us so we can schedule a time. 
Around 6-7 weeks of age we will send out an email to schedule your puppy’s pick up. Around that time, the puppies will be going to the Vet for wellness checks and get their first vaccine. 
When you come to pick up your puppy you will get a bag with a sample of the food, toys and a small blanket that smells like their littermates. At pickup we only accept cash, if you wish to pay in advance via Venmo,  or check, please contact us for details. 
What vaccines and worming will my puppy have? 
Your puppy will have it’s first Vaccine (Puppy 5way). They will require 2 or 3 more boosters. They will be given a wormer a few days before they go home. Please check with your vet for their recommendation for vaccines and monthly wormings. 

Do you offer microchipping?

All of our puppies come with microchips. That includes lifetime registration and unlimited address changes. The puppy will be listed with 


How do Microchips work? 
Micro chips are small RFID tags inserted under the dogs skin. The tag is about the size of a grain of rice and last the life of the dog. If your puppy gets lost, all Humane Societies, Police Stations and Rescues have scanners to read the Microchip. That is the first thing they do when a puppy is brought in. They will look up the number of the puppy and contact you. 
How often will my puppy need to go potty? 
Puppies often times need to go potty right after they wake up from a nap and after they eat.
  They need to be watched closely , if they wander away from you, they are likely looking for a place to go potty, because they prefer to be near their people especially when very young.
At what age should I get my puppy fixed? 
Please check with your Vet for their recommendations. 

Do you crop ears?

We do not crop ears, the puppies are not old enough for that procedure when they leave us, so that will be up to the buyer if they choose to do it.
What type of health guarantee do you give? 

Your puppy is guaranteed three years from date of birth against any life shortening genetic defects.

Do you have the puppy checked by a vet?

Your puppy will see our vet for a wellness check just before she/he leaves us.