Swain's Sweet Schnauzers
Our puppies are all priced the same regardless of gender or color. They are $900 plus $54.00 tax
                    ***UPDATE***                                                                                                             As of now (September 1 ) If you add yourself to our waiting list it will likely be after January before we have a puppy for you.
If you wish to be put on our waiting list please fill out the form below and we will contact you when we have  a puppy that matches your preferences :o)
There is no obligation to be on the list, however;
Please note*** If you have been on our waiting list for more than 4 months, we will assume you have found a puppy by then. So if you want to continue to wait on one of our puppies, you will need to get back on the list after 4 months,(unless you have specified a certain time frame in your comments) thank you!